Analytics4medicine (A4M) was issued a patent in 2021 for a disruptive technology that address the definition, diagnosis, measurement, and management of hypertension. A pilot study published in September of 2019 showed improvement in the rate of BP control from 0% to 58% in resistant HTN (rHTN) and 76% overall (rHTN & white coat HTN). Provider management time was reduced by 75%. Abnormal renin/aldosterone levels were seen in 45%. White coat HTN was found in 45% of office based “uncontrolled patients” referred for the study. They were excluded from the study group. Diurnal measurements prevented AM masked HTN (mHTN) in 20% and PM mHTN in 22%. The study reenforced the importance of using peak diurnal home BP monitoring in the management of HTN and the benefit of renin/aldosterone in sorting secondary causes of HTN.